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Learn your options for acquiring legal status or citizenship in the U.S. Avoid serious hazards and costly setbacks on the road to your goal.

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Immigration & Naturalization Lawyer Chicago IL

Through her decades of legal experience and intensive work in the area of immigration law, Attorney Waldman has the skills to evaluate your options and then obtain the results you want. Clients from throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana can expect honest and comprehensive advice and vigorous representation to benefit themselves and their families.


For a detailed and confidential consultation, call today to see this bilingual immigration lawyer about:

  • Green cards (obtaining legal permanent residency) through close   family members – adjustment of status when eligible for   interview in U.S., or consular processing in the country of origin.

  • Removing conditions from two-year residency through marriage, even in cases of separation due to divorce or physical or emotional abuse.

  • VAWA petitions (under the Violence Against Women Act) for immigrants whose U.S. citizen or legal resident spouse physically or emotionally abused them or their child.

  • U Visas for survivors of domestic violence and victims of certain other crimes.

  • Naturalization (becoming a U.S. citizen).

  • Waivers, including “provisional” waivers of unlawful presence.

  • Advice on immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

  • Deportation defense in Immigration Court.

  • General immigration law advice.

Ready to help you through the immigration maze.

Make your appointment with a bilingual immigration lawyer today. Appointments weekdays and Saturdays.

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Learn the law and succeed with a capable immigration attorney on your side.

Green Card Lawyer Chicago IL

The path to immigration and naturalization is quicker and surer when you know and understand the law. We educate you on the law while guiding you through the process, so you understand what is needed and why. For example, for green cards through marriage, providing extensive proof that the immigrant married for love and not just for papers is crucial.  Attorney Waldman will guide you in identifying and gathering this evidence, and in preparing for the interview at USCIS.

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VAWA Petitions Chicago IL

If you are seeking immigration help because of domestic violence or other severe abuse by your husband or wife, you need to work with someone you can confide in and trust. At the Law Office of Carol A. Waldman, we are dedicated to turning the trauma our clients have gone through into a path to legal status. In these sensitive matters, Attorney Waldman’s fluency in Spanish removes the language barrier that can keep many Latino immigrants from getting the legal help they need.

Get compassionate, customized legal advice and strong advocacy.

Learn the law and achieve your goal with an effective immigration attorney on your side.

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